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How To Detox Your Body The Natural Way

Nancy Harris

The question of how to detox your body is a very common one, especially today when we live in areas polluted air, land and water supply. This whole concept of detoxification, popularly known as detox, is now a widely popular alternative medicine concept of cleansing our organs and tissues by getting rid of accumulated toxic substances or toxins. Detoxification has been practiced for centuries in different forms by different cultures around the world, such as ayurvedic medicine and fasting, and focuses on flushing out existing toxins while nourishing your organs and preventing accumulation of new toxic substances.

Different sources such as books and websites have numerous suggestions and tips on body detoxification and, to be fair, they are effective and factual. However, most of these suggestions usually require a sudden shift of lifestyle, and this is what scares most people.

Putting it in an easier perspective, detox is simply cleaning your systems from the inside and there are natural ways to do it without the need for crash diets and extreme measures. To learn how to detox your body the natural way, you must first understand what toxins are and how they do their damage.

The Truth About Toxins

Toxins are harmful substances that can accumulate inside our bodies. Although they cannot reproduce, these infectious substances are dangerous and they can cause disease and illness. They can come from different sources, either organic wastes or synthetic contaminants, and their severity can greatly vary from mildly minor to almost immediately deadly. Although there are still no concrete guidelines as to what toxins really are, almost everyone agree on one thing — they are poisons you do not want in you!

These toxic materials penetrate our systems through ingestion, inhalation, or (in some cases) direct transfusion to the blood. By-products of bacteria in our stomach and intestines during digestion as well as of nutrient breakdown in our blood are also sources of toxin.

Since these toxic chemicals generally accumulate in digestive and circulatory systems, organs such as the liver, intestines, and kidney are designed to naturally detox your body. Lymphs also help in removing toxins by detoxifying cells individually. These substances are then flushed out of our system via bowels, urine, sweat, and air.

If there are too many toxins present, these “cleansing” organs will be overwhelmed and may not be able to detoxify efficiently. This results to toxemia, a buildup of toxins in our bodies that eventually causes diseases. Preferably we should never allow our systems to reach this state of saturation, because today there are quite a few good quality body detox systems available for total body cleansing or for a  specific area like heavy metal detox or chemical toxin detox.

Common signs that indicate a toxin buildup include feeling sluggish, skin problems, digestive issues, minor aches and pains, and unstable weight. Too much toxicity could also cause sudden mood swings, restlessness, fatigue, sleeping troubles, headache, slight fever, and nausea. Without resetting the detox process back to normal, this could even escalate to major health concerns such as compromised immune system, poor eyesight, liver and lung malfunctions, disability, and heart attacks.

How To Detox Your Body Naturally At Home - Easy Body Detox


How To Detox Your Body Using 3 R's

In order to prevent toxemia, proper body detox must be done. Aside from preventing illnesses and sickness, removing impurities in our body can also result to an increased metabolism, appetite gain, natural glow, and more energy. Detox assists our body’s natural cleansing process by stimulating our “detoxifiers,” regulating blood flow, and breaking down accumulated toxins.

Different detoxifying programs and diets are out in the market nowadays, all with a promise of aiding our body’s natural detoxification process. Although they are, to be honest, helpful and effective, you can detoxify your body in a more natural way. Keep in mind that body detox only becomes a need when your body’s natural cleansing process is already failing.

Therefore, by simply shifting to a healthy lifestyle, your body’s natural detox processes will get back on track and you can get rid of the unnecessary chemicals in your body without the help of detox diets and programs. Learn how to detox your body the natural way by focusing only on these three Rs:

Regulated food intake — since most toxins enter our body thru ingestion, regulating your diet is a key player in detoxifying your body. Eat healthy and organic foods that are free from harmful toxins coming from pesticides and preservatives. Follow a balanced diet that is rich in fiber, protein, as well as carbohydrates instead of going on a crash diet, thinking that totally eliminating carbohydrates will detox your body.

Hydration is also important as they flush the toxins out of your system. Drink lots of water and detoxifying smoothies made of natural fruits and vegetables. Instead of coffee, drink tea in the morning as it gives the same morning kick without too much caffeine.

Recreation and exercise — a healthy diet is best paired with an active lifestyle. Exercise regularly to maintain good blood circulation which helps in body detoxification. Physical activities such as sports make us sweat, which is another way to flush out toxins. Yoga is also a good way to cleanse your body because it regulates your blood flow and promotes proper breathing.

Steer away from environmental toxins like secondhand smoke, chemical fumes, and smog as much as possible. Enjoy in some fun activities to release stress and avoid (or, at least, lessen) vices such as smoking, alcohol, or prohibited drugs as these are major sources of toxic substances.

Rest and relaxation — your body needs to recuperate from time to time and rest is essential in cleansing your body from harmful elements. Make sure that you get enough sleep every night to allow your internal organs to relax and slow down. A good, intense massage, particularly on your pressure points, will also help in detox as these pressure points are where toxin buildups usually are. A hard pinch on these points breaks down these buildups so toxins can be released easier.

The same detox concept applies for acupuncture, a traditional Chinese practice that uses needles for a holistic therapy. A quick and light skin brushing not only relaxes you but also improves blood flow which encourages natural detox process. It also helps to take time to do short meditation and breathing exercises at regular intervals during the day.

Body Cleanse Advanced KitWith today’s modern world where toxins are everywhere and they can easily penetrate our bodies anytime, detox is indeed a vital process in maintaining a good and healthy life. Now that you are already aware about how toxins damage our bodies, as well as the three R’s, you can create your own regimen and feel free to choose how to detox your body the natural way.

We are so fortunate today to be able to combine the 3R-s approach with readily available home-based detox solutions. If pressed for time or not quite sure how to adjust your lifestyle you can always choose to detox using one of available body detox solutions. I did a lot of research and after many trials, my choice of a great quality total body detox system is this one.

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