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Best Detox Solutions

Nancy Harris

Body detoxification is very important to achieve and maintain a healthy life, especially in today’s times where our bodies are exposed to more sources of harmful elements. That's why selecting the best detox solution you can find is extremely important. Buildup of toxins in your body leads to numerous health issues which could range from simple discomfort like fatigue, headache, and minor muscle pains up to chronic illnesses like asthma, cancer, and heart failure.

To prevent this, we must incorporate the best detoxification practices like cleansing our bodies and flushing out unwanted toxins on a regular basis while maintaining an active lifestyle.

One important philosophy to an effective body detox is regulating your diet. Together with sufficient rest and physical activities, your food and drink intake can greatly aid in overall detox and getting rid of unwanted toxins from your system.

There are numerous diets and programs available in the market today that claim to provide the best detox for your body. While some of them require you to totally avoid a particular type of food or eat only one particular type of food, best detox solutions can actually fit in with any kind of diet.. And even though some of the advertised crash diets may look enticing and effective, they are definitely not advisable.

You have to take your time and select the best detoxification program that works for you. A lot of advice out there teaches the wrong connotation that in order to detoxify effectively, some food items which have important nutrients that your body needs should be skipped. That is one reason why most people think twice about doing detoxification.

Best Detox Programs Need Not be Dreadful

Going on a body detox doesn’t necessarily mean that you will stop eating. The best detox solutions are about cleansing from toxin buildup without starving yourself to death. Just like how the body has a natural way of cleansing itself, there are food items and drinks that can naturally help in detoxification of your body.

9 Step Body Detox SolutionThe key is to know which foods can help in body detoxification and how you can best incorporate them in your diet. You may introduce new food items in your daily meal or use some of them as alternatives.

Of course, there will be minor adjustments when it comes to best way to detox, but not to the extent that you will dread going on a detoxification diet just because you don’t like what you need to eat. It is all about moderation, eating the right food items and taking good quality combination of herbs and supplements.

Know the Natural Nutrients You Need For Best Detox

One secret to achieving the best detox possible is to know which nutrients can aid in detox processes. Once you know which ones help and which ones don’t, then you can do a little research and see how you can ensure that you have those best nutrients added to your daily meal plans.

  • Fiber — we’ve heard the importance of having fiber in our diet from hundreds of sources, focusing mainly on how it is the best in helping us lose weight. Aside from that, though, fiber is also a good detoxifier. Our digestive system, especially the digestive tract and the intestines, usually become the “lounging area” of toxins that we get from the food we eat. Fiber is the best at cleaning these toxin buildups and flushing these toxins out of your body thru regular bowels. Best examples of foods that are high in fiber are leafy vegetables, pulpy fruits, beans, legumes, and whole grain.
  • Probiotics — they are not called “good bacteria” for no reason. Probiotics are live bacteria that help in the movement of food through the digestive system. It is important that we maintain a best possible number of probiotics in our body so our systems and organs can function well. Probiotics are commonly found in fermented foods like yogurt.
  • Water — although technically not a nutrient, water is an essential tool in body detoxification. Our body needs to be hydrated properly in order for it to function at its best. Proper hydration also helps in maintaining a good digestive system flow. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day should be the minimum target.
  • Superfoods — another popular term for health buffs and weight watchers. Superfoods are fruits, vegetables, and spices best know to have loads of minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants that can assist in detoxification. One special group of superfoods is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. This group includes salmon, tuna, avocado, walnuts, and flax seeds.

Best Detox - How To Detox Your Body

Best Detox Is A Simple Detox

Sticking to a strict detox regimen could be difficult, especially if you are not really interested in the foods that you are supposed to eat. This is why a lot of people, even when starting out with best intentions, lose interest in detoxification.

Although the best detox approaches require some changes to your diet, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will only eat leaves of exotic plants or will just drink water. You can still enjoy a full-course meal even when you are in a detoxification phase as long as you add best detox supplements and substitute some food items with better alternatives.

    • Go for organic — most of the toxins that our body acquires come from the pesticides and insecticides used on the fruits and vegetables we eat. Organic farming means no chemicals or artificial ingredients are used in raising the fruits and vegetables. Most fruits and vegetables now already have organic alternatives.
    • Green tea in lieu of coffee — too much caffeine can result to toxin buildup in your body. Although most of us cannot give up coffee because of the kick it gives us in the morning, the best would be to reduce the intake a bit, because it contains too much caffeine which can be bad for our health. Green tea can give us the same alertness in the morning without too much caffeine. Also, green tea is an abundant source of antioxidants, another key nutrient in detoxification.

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  • Natural smoothies — a lot of people are not fond of incorporating fruits and vegetables in their diet as they usually taste bland and boring. However, if you turn them into a smoothie, it gives you the best of both worlds – same amount of nutrients in a more satisfying and fun drink. You can even replace one daily meal with a smoothie if you’re also interested n losing weight.
  • Home remedies and herbal medicines — medications and supplements usually contain a lot of artificial ingredients which can add up to the toxin buildup in our body. Instead of relying on medicines for common sickness such as colds, headache, cough, or fatigue, switch to herbal medicines and home remedies. Natural ginger tea, for example, is a very effective cure for sore throat and cough.

We should not ignore the great benefits of detoxification just because we think that we need to sacrifice a lot in the gastronomy section. With the right combination of the best detox supplements and the right foods, you can still enjoy the best detox while enjoying your daily meal time.

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